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Antony is a creative entrepreneur with a wide range of interests. His attention to detail and focus on delivering customer and stakeholder value has allowed him to be successful in a number of diverse areas as her pursues his passions.

His successful corporate career spans more than 25 years. Most recently as a Business Program Manager, working with organisations in the IT, Banking, Mining, Aviation, and Telecommunications industries, as well as the Not for Profit (NFP) sector, including 14 years working with IBM in Australia and Singapore. He specialists in reinvigorating troubled and stalled projects across various industries, implementing strong but flexible governance, and bringing stakeholders on the journey through to completion. With international certifications in Project and Program Management as well as a Master of Business Administration specialising in Technology Management, Antony has more recently been adding value in the CRM space.

He has a passion for all things wine. He holds a Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 certification and in 2013 established Wine Matchmaker to teaching people how to get “wine confident”. Whether it be preventing “bottle shop shock”, how to wrangle giant wine lists or what wine to bring to a dinner party to impress your friends he provides simple down to earth training and events for people at all levels in their wine journey. He is also committed to showing organisations how to use wine to engage with key clients and staff. Antony is currently studying his Wine Spirit Education Trust Level 4 Diploma.

Antony’s third passion is property. He is a successful property investor and developer, having built up an international portfolio of investment properties. He also puts his Program Management skills to good use, successfully initiating, managing and completing number of lucrative residential property developments as well as consulting on third party property development projects.

He is also a published author. Antony has co-written the only guide for Australians wanting to invest in the New Zealand property market, which harnessed his own experience and lessons learned when sourcing his own New Zealand property portfolio. He continues to mentor a number of property developers and actively participates in the Australian and New Zealand property markets.

Business Program Manager

Antony is a tactical Business Program Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the IT Industry, highly skilled at reinvigorating troubled and stalled projects and brining stakeholders on the journey.

With a passion for tackling and resolving “icky” business problems that are normally put in the “too hard” basket by organisations, Antony ensures organisations maximise the value and performance of their IT and business systems, bringing stakeholders along on the journey.


Wine Matchmaker

Antony is the Wine Matchmaker, passionate about helping people ‘get wine confident’.

There’s no more ‘bottle shop shock’, wine list paralysis or invite paranoia when you learn Antony’s simple process for gaining confidence when it comes to getting the maximum enjoyment out of wine.

And by demystifying ‘wine-wank’  Antony makes wines more accessible to anyone who has an interest in the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage.

Property Investor & Developer

A long term property investor, Antony has built an extensive property portfolio across multiple countries.

Focusing on clear strategy and expert execution enabled Antony to ride out the changing fortunes of the property market and sustainably grow his investments.

Antony is also skilled at navigating challenging lending criteria, working with lenders to overcome the obstacles that restrict investment.


Antony is co-author of the only book specifically written for Australians wanting to invest in the New Zealand property market – and ensure they do it successfully!

“The Guide to New Zealand Property Investing – Australian Edition” harnesses all of Antony’s experience and lessons learned during his own investment journey.

It covers virtually everything you need to know to become a successful international investor.


On joining Tony’s team, I was immediately struck by Tony’s vision, and the impact he had had in a short time in shaping Oxfam’s Portfolio Management. He leads, with great effect. He listens, questions, and then distils complex topics to the essential priorities and business benefit. I often thought ‘oh I wish I had said that’ – his communication skills really are masterful. His clear, positive voice cuts through, and allows everyone to come back to a shared path. He has a great understanding of the dynamics of teams, up and down, and he takes the responsibility for having the hard conversations, that allow people to grow and come together. I have learnt a lot from Tony, I do hope that we get the chance to work together in the future.

Jennifer Freshwater, Project Management at Oxfam Australia


Tony is an excellent Program Manager. I had clear direction from Tony including what he required around deliverables, process and targets. Tony supported me on both a professional and personal level and always asked how he could support me on project risks and issues. I also learnt a great deal around stakeholder management from Tony and how to approach difficult conversations with stakeholders. I would work with tomorrow if he asked.

Haydn Gibson, Project Manager at Oxfam Australia



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